Concept to Market: How to Create and Sell your own Brand

Wednesday Wiggle Review
  • Concept to Market: How to Create and Sell your own Brand

    Peter Weishaupt, Create and Sell your own Brand
This gives you a good starting point on how to Brand yourself. I was expecting more of a class on marketing your brand but it was still very informational. This class is basically a how to as told and done by the instructor in lesson form. He did his own research and leg work for you and is giving the tools and direction that worked for him.
one sided
didn’t give specifics to everything
Ratings – Out of five  ★:
Value: ★★★★  
Overall:  ★★★★ 

* Thank you for reading my review. Feel free to comment if you have any questions about my experience. I rely on reviews for my purchases too and will only give my real experiences and opinions. This is my honest and unbiased review. I received this product free or discounted for quality testing purposes from the company Udemy

If you’ve tried this before let me know what you think.

That’s my Wednesday Wiggle and remember to Just Keep Wiggling!!



The course is based on my experience creating and marketing my own brand of men’s personal care products. The course moves chronologically based on my experience. You don’t necessarily have to perform the steps in the order I did. It distills the process of how I went about creating and selling my own brand and isn’t limited to personal care products. If you’ve ever wanted to create and sell your own branded products but were’t sure how to get started, this course is for you. It’s a practical ‘how to’ using multiple examples as I walk you through the process on my computer screen.

  • My initial concept
  • Logo design on a budget
  • Trademarking your brand
  • Creating your web identity
  • Registering your company
  • What can you brand?
  • Outsourcing your production
  • Selling your brand
  • Two basic accounting concepts to keep you from going broke
  • Resources and inspiration
  • Update with progress on my own Brand experience


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