Pilates Magic Circle

Wednesday Wiggle Review


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I do love this ring and I have used it on toning those trouble spots for a week now. My ring did not come with any instructions at all. I have been doing pilates for a while now and none of my exercises use the ring. So I didn’t know the exercises or how to do them. I had to look some up online and hope that it is right. Like I said now that I looked it up I like it but a product should have basic instructions and exercises so beginners to the ring can know how to start.

**I rely on reviews for my purchases too and will only give my real experiences. I received this product at a discount to try in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

I give it 

Thanks for reading my review today.

If you’ve tried this before let me know what you think.

That’s my Wednesday Wiggle and remember to Just Keep Wiggling!!



Why You Should Get Pilates Ring for Balanced Stamina Body Stamina and Flexibility
Are you tired of the common physical products you often found in the market? Those that promise to effectively help you in your fitness and exercising endeavor? We are well aware how frustrating it can be thinking that the product you bought can truly help you in your needs. 
For an enthusiast of fitness and exercise such as Yoga or Pilates, who’s looking for a real quality product, let me tell you about Pilates Ring which when used can definitely help you in toning your muscles, great flexibility and strength with each firm grips ensuring you the best ever workout session every time. Find out what Pilates Ring has to offer you optimum resistance, stamina, strength and flexibility in each Pilates session. 
The story behind this Pilates ring seems to be an inspiring one. It all started by a mother of three kids who was then striving to achieve physical health and boost her metabolism. After spending hundreds on pilates clubs and low quality merchandise, she along with her friends developed the Infinito brand, with sole focus on user experiences and quality. I guess when you factor in the opinions of actual users in your product, it takes a life of its own. In today’s market with dominating mega brands, it is refreshing to see that some people go through the pain of talking to their customers. 
I have used this product personally and seems to be the best one I have tried yet. I can feel my triceps getting the workout it needs. Best of all, I can take this anywhere I go. I try and keep one just under the bed, and one in my office.

  • BEST IN CLASS FAT BURNER!! Zap your trouble spots with these toning rings and tighten where you need it most. Anytime! Anywhere!
  • Build 100% control of your core abdominal muscle with our new and improved fitness circle. Sculpts and tones entire body. Targets problem areas like Thigh, upper arm and chest!
  • Redesigned by Pilate users to address problems with contemporary products
  • Ergonomic design allows you to focus your concentration on controlling every muscle movement. Firm grips provides the added comfort in performing several other Pilates techniques. Get the best Pilates workout ever!
  • New improved design has greater flexibility but also lightweight and durable. Makes a great gift! Let the Magic Circle inspire your dedication to remain fit for life!


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