Plantar Fasciitis Compression Sleeve Socks

Wednesday Wiggle Review


Color: BlackSize: B (US SIZE 5 – 9.5)Change

These socks have good compression and I like the way the feel around the arch of my foot. Since it is winter they do make my feet a little warm if I wear them with socks over them and then shoes make them even hotter. I half to wear socks since my toes get pretty cold. In just my slippers though they are very nice. ** I received this product at a discount to try in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

I give it 

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If you’ve tried this before let me know what you think.

That’s my Wednesday Wiggle and remember to Just Keep Wiggling!!



  • 90% Polyamide, 9% Natural Rubber, 1% Elastane
  • RELIEVE PLANTAR FASCIITIS: Compression ankle socks support features compression on the bottom of the sleeve that helps to relive plantar fasciitis pain by compressing the plantar fascia ligament.
  • ➢ GRADUATED COMPRESSION, TARGETED COMPRESSION AND ADVANCED ANKLE SUPPORT: Our compression sleeves design provides support in the ankle area without restricting motion, also improves circulation, reducing inflammation and expediting the healing process.
  • ➢ ULTRA-BREATHABLE AND MOISTURE WICKING: The ankle brace is made of innovative lightweight and breathable fabric, but also moisture wicking and will stay dry even during the toughest workouts. The anti-odor features of the sleeve prevents odor, leaving feet feeling fresh.
  • ➢ FITS COMFORTABLY UNDER SOCKS: The ankle support fits comfortably under running socks. The ankle support is lightweight unlike traditional hard braces, as not to restrict motion. It is perfect for those coming off ankle injuries or looking for a little added support.



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