Night ProVision™ LINE 120R | Rear Bicycle Light

Wednesday Wiggle Review


Night ProVision™ LINE 120R | Rear Bicycle Light Micro USB Rechargeable LED 120 Lumens

Regular price$ 34.95 Sale price$ 24.95

I really like this bike light. It is well made and durable. You can use it horizontal or verticle on the bike. The light has 3 levels of brightness and they are very crisp. Even the low is pretty darn bright. You can also use it for emergency with the 3 different strobe settings. Its perfect for those late night rides to get some ice cream. 2 birds one stone moments!** I received this product at a discount to try in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

I give it 

Thanks for reading my review today.

If you’ve tried this before let me know what you think.

That’s my Wednesday Wiggle and remember to Just Keep Wiggling!!



  • ✔ ULTRA HIGH INTENSITY, SLIM SIZE, & FEATHER WEIGHT: 1.4oz @ 120 Lumens; LINE 120R delivers the highest lumen output for its feather light weight and compact size
  • ✔ NIGHT PROVISION LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY GUARANTEE: A 100% no hassle, no questions asked, replacement or money back guarantee for up to 2 years free. Then after; a lifetime of labor free repair and parts at cost. We are so confident and serious about our products that we can back the LINE 120R with a 100% Limited Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee
  • ✔ MOST VERSATILE BIKE LIGHT: Position LINE Vertically or Horizontally; Adjust LINE higher or lower with 2 clicks; Mount LINE on anywhere with 4 secure slotted holes in the stretchable rubber straps
  • ✔ MICRO USB RECHARGEABLE: Save money and never buy another battery again. Charge quickly at any USB outlet
  • ✔ WATER & SHOCK PROOF: ABS polymer & rubber seals allows for protection from shocks, drops, and rainy days


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