Crayon Candle Hack


We all love coloring with crayons as a kid and even as an adult its fun. Crayons are all over the house and in drawers and craft boxes. My son is a teenager now and yes we still have crayons on hand. You just never know when creativity will strike.

We have some crayons stashed away in a few spots specifically for emergencies. No not for coloring but for light. If a natural disaster happens and the electricity goes out candles are an instant source of light and sometimes heat. You try to have as many candles on hand as possible. Crayons are great for make-shift emergency candles. Set the crayon in something that will keep it standing up like a bowl of salt or sand or dirt and light the tip of the crayon until it melts to the paper. It will burn for around 30 mins. Pretty great for a quick cheap candle. I have a box in my bug out bag and in the kitchen.


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