Stretching Strap, Resistance Band Loop, Myofascial Massage Ball Review and Giveaway

Wednesday Wiggle Review


Working out is such a great feeling. You may think its time-consuming or hard or tiring but it makes a huge deal in the long run. You just got to be your own best cheerleader and coach. Maybe you need a person to push you and do it with you. My BF and I workout together 6 days a week and we keep each other accountable. Stretching my hammies are hard. The can get so tight at times. This strap is great for that. The strap is numbered so I can keep track exactly how for I am progressing on my stretches. The resistance band is good for leg activities or attach it to the strap to assist with Lat pulls or flyes. I stretch out my shoulders with it and it feels so good. Then I use the myo ball up against a wall to get into those shoulder blades. So good! ** I received this product at a discount to try in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

I give it 

Do you want ONE? Here is a GIVEAWAY for your own. Ends 1/4/2016

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  • Track your progress easily! Nylon yoga stretch out strap has 5 numbered loop grips on each side. Note: strap itself is not elastic but can be combined with resistance band loop.
  • Finally Get Your Pull-up! Ideal if you are new to pull-ups. Thick latex resistance loop band (20.5 inches long when flat) allows for more versatility for tall or short people when used on a pull-up bar or park playground bar. Perfect for working on standing splits, quads and glute presses, and upper body strength. Holds up to 210 pounds of body weight and is practical for athletes who can do between 0-5 pull-ups.
  • Great tools for rehab, prehab, and physical therapy recovery! Firm massage ball can be used to roll out sore muscles and trigger points against a wall or on the floor.
  • Portable and light! Fits in your gym bag and can function as a stand alone home gym set for a body weight and resistance routine. Convenient carry bag will fit in your gym bag. Nylon zipper sack holds all items and has a wrist loop weighing about 1 lb as a set for easy portability.
  • Healthy Monkey Fitness donates a portion of the profit of each sale to a non-profit charitable organization.


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