Christmas Ornament Hack


Christmas Ornament Hack


So you decorated your tree and have a bunch of leftover bulb ornament sitting around. In the box and stored away they go? Well I have a few ideas on what to do with leftover ornaments.

My 1st idea is so simple. Fill everything that I can with them.  I have some glass shaped candle holders that I filled with the small ones.I have wine glasses on my counter and on my dinner table that I just filled with medium ornaments. I also have a cake stand that I filled the cover with the larger ones then flip it onto the stand. I then just scattered the rest of the medium ones on serving trays that I have in my fireplace as accent pieces.

This is a simple and inexpensive way to add little touches of décor and Christmas sparkle. You cold color coordinate them to any style or color scheme you have in your decorations. By all blue or silver or red and place them in anything you can imagine. The styles of ornaments are so versatile and fit just about any idea you may have.

Let me know what other ideas you may have for leftover ornaments.


I have one more idea that I am working on but its not done yet. Pics coming soon.


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