Infusion time

So its that time again were I have to get my Rituxin. I go every 4 months 2x 2weeks apart. This is something I have to do to keep my life manageable. It is a pain literally. It takes 4 hours and I feel drained light=headed and nauseous after, but again it makes me feel better in about 2-3 weeks from the first of the 2 infusions. I am trying to stay active and exercise daily and eat as healthy as I can. I have a cheat eat day on Fridays and a cheat lazy day on Saturdays. Those are days I always look forward to. Lately I have been slacking on my workouts with my man because I hurt and ache and crack and pop too much. 10 min of half assed-working out is all I can do. But I do it! I do it because if I don’t I can feel myself curling into myself and tensing up and I know that will make it so much harder to feel good again. Trust me when I say I don’t like hurting. So for now I wait for the meds to get into my system and start myself up like a lawn mower. I pull and pull and hope the motor gets going and mow down anything that tries to get in my way.


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