Shoe holder Hack


Spectrum Diversified 7 Peg Coat RackChukka Low

Shoes are all over. They get thrown on top of each other, against the wall, in the middle of the floor even behind the door. Seriously you come in the house and shut the door then take your shoes off in front of it. So when anyone else comes home bang there are your shoes in the way and you can’t open the door. Or even better you can open the door and expect it to open all the way and boing the door bounces back at you and hits you. Yes these all happen at my house.

So pegs to the rescue? YES! A simple coat peg strip from my usual store and all the shoes on the floor equals clear floors. Hang the coat peg about a foot of so up from the floor and viola instant shoe rack. The shoes are up and out of the way and no bulky shoe rack on the floor or in the way. Place a second one about a foot higher and you got yourself a 2 tier rack. Pictures of mine coming soon!!


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