Chef Clever Baking Mat

Wednesday Wiggle Review

I don’t bake often I try really hard not to burn my cookies. Ya that always turns out great. I sometimes use parchment paper when I felt like being a big spender and buying it. I had wanted to try silicone baking mats but thought I’m not really that fancy of a baker. When I got this one to try I was like WHAT!!?? Why didn’t I have one of these before. I love how simple it is, it has 13 circles for easy placement. It has measurement along the sides. NOTHING stuck to it. Best of all is it is super simple to clean.
** I received this product at a discount to try in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

I give it 

Thanks for reading my review today.

If you’ve tried this before let me know what you think.

That’s my Wednesday Wiggle and remember to Just Keep Wiggling!!



  •  JUST IMAGINE, MOUTHWATERING GUILT-FREE TREATS SLIDING RIGHT INTO YOUR HAND: Because of 100% BPA FREE Bake with Me Technology! Perfectly Bakes Your Mouthwatering Treats without Sticking or Greasing the Pan.
  • ✓ PERFECTLY HEALTHY: Exceeds FDA Requirements, Won’t Leach Chemicals into Your Food like other brands, Plus Conquers Health, Environmental Friendliness, Style, Functionality, Easy-Measure Technology.
  • ✓ STOP SCRUBBING. NOTHING STICKS. PERIOD. With 100% NO-SCRAPE GUARANTEE! Chef Clever works with industry experts to develop the latest, most advanced silicone non-stick surface meaning you’ll see even the stickiest cheese, and baked on family favorites slide off saving YOU time and money. Doesn’t it feel nice knowing we’re confident enough to let you try our products, and prove they work before you commit? We think it’s the only way to do business.
  • ✓ WHEN GOING GREEN ISNT ENOUGH. At Chef Clever we’re more than health conscious. We’re conscious of how our practices impact our planet, families and animals, so we minimize environmental impacts while reducing the carbon footprint waste normally caused in your kitchen. Say No to Parchment Paper, and Yes to Planetary Well-Being by investing in “Bake with Me” today.
  • ✓ TOXIC ABSORPTION FREE GUARANTEE, BACKED BY CHEMISTRY. Don’t be fooled by marketing. Every silicone baking sheet breaks down chemically above 450*F, no matter what they say, some much lower. Chef Clever Silicone Baking Mat keeps you safe while allowing you to cut back on butter or eliminate oils all together by using premium, professional chef grade materials.

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