Fun Holidays This Week

Fun Holidays This Week October 5 – 11, 2015

10/5 International Day of No Prostitution – just one day! So every other day just look away?

World Teachers Day – They are the ones who helped shape our lives

10/6 Mad Hatter Day – either watch Alice in Wonderland or wear a crazy hat? hmm how about both
10/7 National Kale Day – Kale chips anyone?
10/8 World Octopus Day – I feel this is a day to hug as many people as possible
10/9 Curious Events Day – Just be careful curiousity killed the cat
10/10 National Family Bowling Day – Let’s go bowl a ball
10/11 National Coming Out Day – Be you!!

No Salt Week: 3-10

Fire Prevention Week: 4-10 

Mystery Series Week: 4-10  (1st Full Week) 

National Carry A Tune Week: 4-10 (Always had 7th in it)

Customer Service Week: 5-9 (1st Week)

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