September Fun Holidays This Week

September Fun Holidays This Week September 20-26, 2015

9/20 Wife Appreciation Day – shouldn’t this be everyday though
9/21 World Gratitude Day – The world has given us so much that we use everyday.
9/22 Car Free Day – Try walking or biking

Dear Diary Day – start a journal or BLOG!
National White Chocolate Day -My absolute favorite candy flavor

9/23 Fall (Autumn) Equinox
9/25 Bright Pink Lipstick Day – Do I even have bright pink?
National One-Hit Wonder Day  – What is your fave one hit? Mine is “Tainted Love” by SoftCell AND “The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades” by TIMBUK 3 AND The Warrior Scandal Featuring Patty SmythOH NO Wait

The Never Ending Story by


Who says I only have to pick ONE One hit wonder?
Vegan Baking Day – OK mom what are we making?

9/26 National Museum Day

Deaf Awareness Week: 20-26 

Pollution Prevention Week: 20-26 (Third Week)

National Clean Hands Week: 20-26 (Third Full Week)

National Indoor Plant Week: 20-26 (Third Full Week)

National Rehabilitation Awareness Week: 20-26 (Third Full Week) 

National Dog Week: 20-26 (Always last week)

National Keep Kids Creative Week: 20-26 (Last Week

Remember to Register to Vote Week: 20-26 (Last Week)

Sea Otter Awareness Week: 20-26  (Last Week)

Tolkien Week: 20-26 (Third Week that Hobbit Day falls on = 9/22

Fall Astronomy Week: 22-26 

Great American Beer Festival: 24-26 


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