Organizing Pen Hack

I write a lot and I have pens all over the place. In my kitchen, office, living room and even my bathroom. You never know where inspiration will hit, right?

I saw this hack and thought well duh! I had 2 drawers in my old house that had utensil holders. One for silverware and one for other utensils. The one was too big to fit in the drawer by the stove so I had to put it across the kitchen. Since it was too far to use as a utensil drawer I just started using it for my candle lighter, scissors, pens, markers and random kitchen tools. I was doing this and didn’t even realize it was a hack. It just kind happened. Well now I realized you can use them for so much more. The possibilities are endless.

1 2 3utensil pen drawer

  1. for a party to store ingredients for sundae making
  2. Store your emergency candles in them
  3. organize your sewing supplies
  4. store all your screws and nails and hammer
  5. line up your tea bags for easy access
  6. make your own coffee pod holder
  7. 1st Aid supplies
  8. Lipsticks and mascaras etc
  9. kids bagged snacks out of the box
  10. candy dish

Some of these ideas are mine some are ones I found, What are some of yours?  I would love to know how many other ways can be thought up for using a utensil tray!! Go crazy or practical but go get one.


2 thoughts on “Organizing Pen Hack

  1. These are great ideas. I have been trying to figure out how to do the ice cream toppings for the kids and not put them in individual bowls or containers. I like them in the one large container to prevent tipping over and spilling and knocking them all over the floor which have all been done.


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