Daemon Theory eBook and Daemon Theory: Brotherhood eBook


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Daemon Theory Brotherhood Daemon Theory

Daemon Theory eBook

Daemon Theory: Brotherhood eBook

by J. Alton Mast

Both Books 5.99 each

I never was drawn to post-apocalyptic stories in the past but in the last year or so they have intrigued me. I like a book that grabs you up front then through out the story explains everything.  This one started of with action and rounded it off with complex plot and engaging creative characters. Straight through to the second book. I love the fact that it doesn’t have effected humans trying to eat and kill all the survivors. It’s a nice twist on the apocalypse. I won’t tell too much detail on either of these books because I believe they read for themselves. You’ll have to read them to get your own opinion. Let me just leave at this…READ THEM!

**Disclosure: I received this product for free, almost free or as a gift in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. This is only mine and my family’s opinions. I will only give good reviews to products I love..**

I give it   Wiggles.

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Daemon Theory eBook

The First Impact. The day everything changed. The day humanity fell. Earth has been left in a state of disaster nearly five-hundred years after the rapture. And for more than five-hundred years, humanity has been forced to rebuild, atoning for their mistakes as a society and seeking aid from the only beings that would listen to their cries. Feeling as though the heavens had turned their back on them, humanity turned to the sentient beings of hell, living under the jurisdiction and dictation of High Arch-Daemons, known as the Black Order.

Maye Holloway, a young woman of barely seventeen, has been unwillingly thrust into the dark world of the Daemons who control her people, slowly learning their horrific secrets. Maye’s sole desire is to break free of Daemonkind’s wretched hold on her soul, with her life intact. Though the fates have a different plan for the girl, and her monstrous partner, an enigmatic Arch-Demon with a questionable past of her own, Alecko vi Fenris. However, Alecko’s motives are as vague as she is, and Maye begins to question who her biggest enemy is: The Order, Alecko, or herself.

Daemon Theory: Brotherhood eBook

Hesan and the Black Order have to the ring city of Naremas in the wake of the Fenris disaster, and hoping to reestablish their capital city. While Alecko, Maye, and the surviving members of Rota remain trapped within the ruined city by the hand of Alecko’s venomous sister, the mad zealot known as Atlas.
Starving and with little options, Rota is forced to fight their way out of the great rings, finding that their only haven left on earth is within the horrific wastes of Purge. However, Rota finds that friends come from all places. Alecko soon finds herself entangled in the folds of the Draic tribe, an mysterious and bizarre subterranean group of ancient daemons who may hold the answers to unlocking the prophetic disaster surrounding her. All the while, Maye struggles to come to terms with her place in the prophecy and war is on the horizon…


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