Simplifying Life one Hack at a time

I always try to make my life and those around me as easy and effortless as possible. Now that I have Ra in my hands I can’t do all the things I took for granted before. So I decided to share with you wonderful wiggling love bugs some of the tricks I have actually used and some that I have on my to do list to give a try/ I would love to know what you think about them and if you have tried them. Every week I will post at least one Hack or How To that I have come across.

popsicleHere is the first one.  Let give it a try eh?

Since it has been summer we have been eating these yummy pineapple cherry frozen bars. They are on a popsicle stick and they melt faster than I can eat them. Some people will use the wrapper they come in but that makes more of a mess in some cases.Then there is the make your own popsicle! They just don’t have their own wrappers. So how about this cute trick use muffin liners as sticky drippy catchers. You just stick the stick in the meddle of the liner and hold the stick as usual. They might still drip a little in the hole you create but that is just not as bad as not having it in my eyes. What do you think? brilliant right? Well it’s not my “original idea” but I still love it.



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