PURGGO Mini Natural Air Freshener

Shoe Odor EliminatorToday’s Say So is for  Shoe Odor Eliminator… $11 FROM AMAZON

I live with 3 guys and it inevitable that they get stinky feet. My son is very active and his feet can get smelly at times. He hates smelly feet so he changes his socks often. I thought we’d try this to see if it would help any as I was skeptical when I saw this. The PURGGO doesn’t have any noticeable deodorant smell.  I put it in one shoe before bed and had him smell it first to see if it stinks. The stink was gone! I had to tentatively smell it myself and yes. I sniffed the PURGGO and no stink either. I am flabbergasted! Where is the smell? It works!  I do wish it came with 2 inserts as its weird only doing one shoe at a time and for the price.

**Disclosure: I received this product for free, almost free or as a gift

in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

This is only mine and my family’s opinions.

I will only suggest products I personally would use.**

I give it   Wiggles.

Thanks for reading my review today.

If you have this or want it let me know your opinions.




  • Not a Spray. Not a Gel. Not a Scent-Bomb. Not an Ionizer. Contains No Fragrance, No Chemicals, No Plastic. PURGGO is made with 100% Bamboo Charcoal that naturally absorbs odor.
  • Works 24/7 Passively & Eliminates / Absorbs Odor. Bamboo Charcoal is porous and acts like a big sponge. As air passes through, odor particles are trapped on the surfaces inside. Never Be Embarrassed By The Odor In Your Life Again.
  • Lasts More Than 365+ Days. PURGGO is the world’s Longest Lasting Air Freshener & Odor Eliminator.
  • Fragrance- & Allergen-Free. All-Natural & Non-Toxic. PURGGO is Healthy & Safe for you, your kids, and your pets. It’s also great for people with allergies, asthma, stuffy nose, and other breathing sensitivities. Avoid Nasty And Harmful Artificial Scent.
  • Natural, Sustainable, Great Design. PURGGO uses Bamboo and Hemp, which are two of the Most Renewable natural resources in the world. Neither requires any artificial fertilizer to grow.

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