Sleep Sublime Eye Mask by Smarter Rest

Sleep Sublime Eye Mask by Smarter RestToday’s Say So is for

Sleep Sublime Eye Mask by Smarter Rest

BY Smarter Rest… $5.95 FROM AMAZON

When I travel I like to have an eye mask. I also camp a lot and in a tent it gets bright too early. This mask has some great features that is perfect for those situations, like the built in ear plug holders in the strap. The fabric silky and soft. I like how it feels on my face and you can adjust the tightness. It doesn’t block out all the light on the sides of the mask so if that is what you need be warned. It is still a pretty nice mask.

**Disclosure: I received this product for free, almost free or as a gift

in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

This is only mine and my family’s opinions.

I will only suggest products I personally would use.**

I give it  Wiggles.

Thanks for reading my review today.

If you have this or want it let me know your opinions.




Do you dream of sleeping like a King or Queen – without actually being on the throne?
At home, travelling, taking a short nap at work, even outside in the sunlight, the Smarter Rest Sublime Eye Mask means all lights are off and all dreams are on 
You get no funny business: no light, no scratches, no noise

A Sleep Mask that provides Restful Sleep for Restless People
Made with the Most comfortable materials, soft luxurious satin exterior and finest caressing cotton interior
Sleep Sublime Eye Mask allows you to always stay in the dark but never wake up with puffy eyes
Do you know those things that happen so fast you lose them if you blink? Well, you can blink all you want with the Smarter Rest Sleep Mask, you won’t lose sleep. Yes, it’s big enough, it doesn’t touch your eyes
It has a gentle caressing soft strap with extra long velcro, so it doesn’t move and doesn’t scratch your ears or temples
It is lightweight so it doesn’t bother when you wear it, yet sturdy enough to last for a long time
Comes with a contoured padded nose flap that blocks bottom light, but it doesn’t obstruct breathing
Fully adjustable strap fits all shapes and sizes

Why buy from us? Because we guarantee customer satisfaction and we’re all about making you happy
Anywhere you go, the silky travel pouch will protect the mask and ear plugs
We take good care of our customers and we’ll give you all the special secrets to make sleep your most rewarding experience
If it doesn’t totally float your boat, you can take advantage of the 120 Days Full Money Back Guarantee





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