Bed Bug Killer by Eco Defense Review

resize_bbc79fdc5a4b26d75b7a07dd669cdfdd3c3c88498f948ee9c7fdd0b7420bc4b529cf0405256256Today’s Say So is for Bed Bug Killer by Eco Defense BY Eco Defense… $19.99 FROM AMAZON

I was glad when I had the chance to try Bed Bug Killer By Eco Defense. It is natural and safe to be around children and pets. A natural product that kills the adults, eggs and nymphs on contact. When I go camping or traveling at a hotel I spray with bed bug killer first. Also if you get furniture or items from resale or antique shops you can spray them safely as it won’t ruin the wood or fabrics. It also doesn’t have any of that chemical smell that the other kinds may have.

**Disclosure: I received this product for free, almost free or as a gift

in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

This is only mine and my family’s opinions.

I will only suggest products I personally would use.**


I give it  Wiggles.

Thanks for reading my review today.

If you have this or want it let me know what you think.




  • KILLS ON CONTACT – No other treatment works faster than Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer. All Natural ingredients proven to eliminate bed bugs on contact in all stages of life; Eggs, Nymphs, and Adults.
  • ODORLESS & NON STAINING – Sprays odorless and won’t stain your bedding. Apply directly to sheets, mattress and cover to kill bed bugs on site.
  • CHILD AND PET SAFE – Made of completely natural, organic and non-toxic ingredients. No worries of fumes or dangerous pesticides and chemicals coming in contact with you and your family.
  • FASTEST TREATMENT – Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer Spray is the fastest Bed Bug Treatment on the Market. Works faster and is more effective than any other bed bug products including; Bed Bug Powders, Bed Bug Traps, and Bed Bug Interceptors. Rest assured, Eco Defense is your #1 solution to eradicating bed bug bites and infestations.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Formulated by professional exterminators Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer is guaranteed effective to work. Try 100% Risk-Free for 60 days and if you have not eliminated your bed bug problem we will refund 100% of your purchase. No questions asked.

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