Satellite, The Satellite Trilogy Part 1 Review

Today’s Say So is for Satellite, The Satellite Trilogy Part 1 BY Lee Davidson…$ FROM AMAZON

I love stories that are unique twists on what we think of the world. This book is unique to the afterlife and how life is lived. At first I had a hard time understanding what was going on, but I held on and it became more clear. Though I wished more was explainedthoughout I realized that the story was detailed enough to keep me interested. This writer is amazing at pulling at your heart strings, seeing mortality in a new light and giving you that back and forth between characters. If you like scify and spins on the genre this is one to read. Dig in to a new world.

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for my honest and unbiased review. This is only mine and my family’s opinions.

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Written in a style that appeals to young men and women alike, Satellite, The Satellite Trilogy, Part I has a broad likability that will reach any fans of the sci-fi, fantasy genre’s recent outings. The 2012 ABNA calls this fantasy “captivating” and “an epic love story.” Inspired by the idea that everything happens for a reason and that even the most tragic of deaths can be instrumental in forming the future of the living, this novel delivers surprising depth behind its charming exterior.

More about the story itself:

Grant Bradley was never meant to survive cancer or live happily ever after with his fiancée, Tate. Before he was born, his destiny to become a guardian angel was decided by the life-planning Schedulers.

Despite having what his new peers deem as a great position in the afterlife, living in utopia with a merciless mentor and looking after strangers doesn’t change the way Grant feels about losing out on his life with Tate. Refusing to accept his destiny, he finds a way to visit his lost love. However, keeping their connection alive and, most importantly, secret, will end up costing Grant more than he could ever imagine.


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