So I haven’t posted in a while. I have had a not so good last couple of weeks.  My last infusion has completely worn off 2 months early and I have been in constant pain and tring to wiggle with it. I unfortunetly have had to live on prednisone (which I hate doing) and Tylenol 3 which makes me feel lala. Grr. I am so inflammed and achy its the worst its ever been. I have gained 10 pounds these last 3 weeks since starting prednisone and I cannot work out to lose it. AHHH!!! I called my doctor  on Jan 23rd and I will get in to have my next round on Tuesday Feb 24th!!! AND it’ll take about a month to get back into my system since its been out for long.  Its like starting all over again.  They requested a new auth that was approved on 1/28 and then ordered the meds. So I will recieve a call when the meds come in (3-5 days) around Feb 3. They screwed up and told me it was declined by my insurance but did they call me to tell me? Yes? Um NO! I found out when I called back on Feb 6th to see what was taking so long. I called my insurance and they told me it was appoved on Jan 28 AND already paid for. So when I called my Dr again they said oh well we’re just waiting on the meds to get here. Lets just set up your appointment .  Ok great! why couldn’t we do that back in the begining of Feb??? Do I sound cranky? Its not me its the prednisone. no really. I’ll eat your face. Oh sorry. More has happened but I thought I’d talk about me for a bit. I know it can’t always be about me.

Don’t Forget to WIGGLE ON

Sign of the day 

Today is Love your Pet Day (I loved my moms pets today which are like mine)

Tomorrow is National Sticky Bun Day


6 thoughts on “Forgotten?

  1. I am so sorry that you are in so much pain. I hope that your meds get into your system fast and relieve you of your pain this time. Pets do make you feel better and it is great that you care alot about your mom’s pets.


  2. I was in a similar situation too, gained 30 pounds from pred, just lost it plus 10 lbs. I totally feel ya, hang in there. After 6 YEARS of no treatment/infusions, I got sick of these silly doctors in the inland empire and went to UCLA, and haven’t felt better years. My Motto is Just Keep Swimming.


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