Rock the Lunchbox

I know its NOT called SAY SO THURSDAY but I have a quick review. I have been looking for some fun and free ways to earn rewards and freebies.  One of the ways I found is called Influenster.  The best things in life are free from !   I received these completely free. They sent me coupons to get them free and try out.  Some of them I couldn’t get as they don’t sell those at my store. I love the snickerdoodle cookies.


Made with white and brown rice flour and yellow corn flour, these bunny-shaped cookies are a great addition to lunch boxes or after school snacks. SnickerDoodle flavor offers the sweet taste of cinnamon and vanilla. I loved the cookies.


Uncured Pepperoni Pizza Poppers  bite-sized snacks. Made with 100% real cheese, tomato sauce & uncured pepperoni, all wrapped in a golden crust, you’ll never find artificial flavors, synthetic colors or added nitrites*.

My son ate all the pizza rolls.  He said that they were really good but he wished there were more of them in the package.Annie’s products are great for kids. They are healthy and natural.


Organic juice drinks bursting with tasty goodness. Sweetened only with organic fruit juice. The juice was good. We both tried it and both agreed that this flavor probably not one we would pick again.  It was a little too berry and not enough lemonade, but that’s just a person preference to us big lemonade drinkers.

half time

Applegate Natural Turkey (juicy, antibiotic-free), classic Applegate American cheese, Annie’s Buttery Rich Crackers™, Annie’s Organic Berry Patch Fruit Snacks™ and Stonyfield® YoKids® Squeezers® Strawberry Organic Lowfat Yogurt. For my son who used to eat Lunchables brand all the time as a kid this one would have been a new favorite for him.

Over all this was a really good selection and my son ate everything with no problems or complaints. Perfect.

If you want to join Influenster try this link Influenster

Sign of the Day

Today is Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day (don’t have to tell me twice)

Tomorrow is KIte Flying Day


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