Take 200 and Call Me in Morning

The last week and a half I have been in pretty bad sorts.  I can tell it is time for another round of meds.  I wake up most mornings wishing everything I had to do for the day could be done in my mind. Well actually that would be great even when I am feeling good.  Telekinetic house cleaning, bill paying, errand running, dinner cooking, grocery shopping.  Then teleport what ever I needed directly to me.  HECK YA! My hands don’t work, my knees are swollen and my shoulders! Oh my freaking shoulders. Rock tumbling time.  You would think that I have the smoothest shiniest shoulder joints. Nice beautiful Diamonds in there.

Now I am a fighter and I won’t just stay laying down (in bed). I have people to do, places to see, things to go!  No that’s not right, heehee. I have people to see, places to go, things lots of things to do before I rest!  I have called my Drs 3x to let them know that its been almost 5 months since my infusion and my body is worn out. Finally I spoke to them and my auth is still pending.  Fingers crossed it gets done for the next round. I was asked by one of you sweet people what I do and take to get through.  I have tried to live a healthful life.  Yes I still eat some junk and my sweets and oh the salty goodness.  I am in enough pain aren’t I? And I tried my best to stay fit. Exercise when I can endure it and turn even brushing my teach into a squat challenge. (Oh my! Haha this is what that one sentence looked like before I reread it — Yes I still eat some hunk and my sweety and oh the salty goodness. WTH! TMI right? Bahaha)

So I have this handy dandy pill organizer that I fill every Sunday.  I fill it from my mini pharmacy in my closet. Everything is to make my decease and ailments more tolerable. Sheesh. So here is my list of RA/Lupus poppers.

Methrotrexate 2.5 mg – 4 once a week (I usually take them on Saturday night before I go to bed. It should be 7 but I can’t tolerate that many quite yet) Methotrexate is is a chemotherapy drug used to relieve joint pain and other symptoms.

Folic Acid 1 mg – 1 per day on days I don’t take methotrexate. It helps with the side effects caused by methotrexate

Predinisone 5 mg – 1.5 per day – it is a corticosteroid and used as an anti-inflammatory (I usually only take it when I am really inflamed or a serious flare because of the side effects.)

Plaquenil 200 mg – 1 per day – used as anti-malarial drug but also for lupus and RA

Omeprazole/Prilosec 20 mg – 1 per day –  is used to treat certain esophagus and stomach problems (such as ulcers, heartburn and acid reflux caused by some of the other meds listed above)

acetaminophen-Codeine No.3 30 mg – as needed – Pain reliever (I have only taken it about 5 times in the last year cause I really don’t like pain pills or the way they make me feel.)

ALSO for my thyroid

Levothyroxine 175 mg – 1 per day – used to treat an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism)

Supplements/Vitamins – **

Vitamin D – 1000

Prenatal Vitamin – NO I am NOT preggers.  My Dr prescribes it to me for the multi and for the dosage of Iron which I am needing.

Calcium – 500 mg – Daily helps with keeping my bones strong

Turmeric – 300mg and Bromelain – 150 mg – Daily for a natural way to that might help to reduce inflammation {bromelain is found naturally in pineapple}

Flax Seed Oil(Omega 3) – 1000 mg Every other day

Ginger Rhizone Extract – 125 mg – Daily can help with RA symptoms and stomach issues. Does it? I don’t know but its pretty safe so why not! Just be careful if you take it cause it can cause a little gas and heartburn.

Thanks and I hope this helps you get a better understanding of what a typical day looks like for me.

**This is my own personal list of medications and vitamins I take and should not be a basis for what should or should not be taken by any other person. YOU SHOULD ALWAYS SPEAK WITH A HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL BEFORE TAKING ANY DIETARY, NUTRITIONAL, HERBAL OR HOMEOPATHIC SUPPLEMENT

Sign Of the Day

Today is Corn Chip Day (Honey BBQ Fritos Twists yes please)

Tomorrow is National Inane Answering Message Day


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