Tag You’re It

So I don’t like to ask for help often and my hands make it difficult not to sometimes. They can be needy suckers. I still try to use them when I can.  It’s hard to break a 30+ year habit. My BF has a few good life rules.

  1. If it’s not yours, don’t touch it.  Good rule.  Such as if it isn’t your yogurt in the work fridge then DON”T freaking eat it.  Do you really remember buying it and putting it the fridge this morning?
  2. Don’t use things for what they are not meant for. Like a coffee cup for a hammer, a chair for a stool, a blanket for a kleenex or a fork for a comb. (that seems like it might really fork you up) I may have done the first 2 but I actually have witnessed the second 2 by grown adults.

When you have RA you find all sorts of hacks to get you by. You need a floor picker upper ( knees don’t bend), overhead reacher (shoulders don’t lift), a grabber (hands don’t close-not that kind perv).  Since my hands aren’t ‘handy’ anymore, my go to are my teeth. So convenient.  Always in reach in their storage container (my mouth that is, I don’t have dentures). Then I found out you have joints in your jaw! Duh of course you do, but I didn’t think about it until I started using them for “Rule #2”. So I’m going have to TAG in some new contenders to help make life a little handier.   I received a nutri-bullet, apple peeler and Crock pot this past year. So I have been trying some simple, healthy recipes that I have shared so far. Check the REVIEWS for apple peeler and crock pot.  Nutribullet coming soon.


Today is Kazoo Day 

Tomorrow is National Corn Chip Day

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