My Mom’s Surgery

Today is National Measure Your Feet Day!  So I decided to wait until today to post my Take 2 Thursday.  Yesterday I went with my mom for her pre-op Dr appt.  She is going to be having surgery on both her feet.  Next month it will be her left foot only. She has planter fasciitis and bone spurs, but most serious is the  severe Retrocalcaneal bursitis.  So the doctor has to perform on left achilles tendon secondary repair with re-attachment to calcaneous, partial excision calcaneous, gastrocnemius lengthening.  Say what now?

So we went to Dr and we bombarded him with Q’s.

  1.  how long will the surgery take – 1 hr with general anesthesia
  2. where will you be cutting – the tendon in calf and opening up heel, reshaping heel and closing it back up
  3. how long will the cast be on for – splint for 2 weeks, cast for 4 weeks and walking boot until its healed
  4. how much pain will there be – don’t worry I’ll give you a prescription for painkillers
  5. How long until it is all better – but the scar should be completely matured in 12 – 18 months
  6. when will the surgery on the right foot be – about 4-6 months or when feeling up to it
  7. will my mom be able to go skiing – if she could before she could again (alas she couldn’t before)

And a few others…

I am going to be hanging over at her house trying my best to take care of her.  I am so nervous for my mom, but I’m sure my nervousness doesn’t even come close to hers.  She is a strong-willed woman and I’m sure she will be up and at em in no time.  I need some positive energy flowing through me so I can be the supportive rock that she is going to need.

Sign of the Day

Today is National Measure Your Feet Day ( Don’t you think everyone should know how long their feet are? Well I certainly do!) FYI in case you are wondering and I am so such you are mine are… um 10″ I know 

Tomorrow is Beer Can Appreciation Day  (mmm beer actually eh for me)

National Peanut Butter Day (mmm Peanut butter love love)

Compliment Day (You are all wonderful!)

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