3 Types of Sympathizers

There are 3 types of people when it comes to being told about a person with an illness of pain related symptoms.

  1. Get it-ers – those who get it.  They have pain too but they don’t try to compare.  They know everyone is different.  Everyone handles their sitch in their own way. And they feel for you.  Thank you for your concern.
  2. Competitors – those who are always trying to one up.  You sprained your wrist well they broke their whole arm.  They ask about your bad shoulder then go into a 30 min play by play of how it can’t be as bad as when they dislocated theirs. I am so sorry. I don’t know how you are even able to get by.
  3. Whatever-ers – those who don’t get it AT ALL.  This one is so frustrating!  They can’t see it or feel it themselves so it isn’t ‘that’ bad.  I know there are others that are in a different type of pain than mine, but doesn’t mean mine isn’t bad too.  Don’t belittle my pain and suffering.  When you cut your finger or bump your knee I am still sympathetic to your pain even if its small.

It’s still a B*TCH!  I challenge those whatevers to feel and live just one hour of my worst day without meds.  Then let me tell you to just suck it up.  Or how about you just keep your ignorance to yourself.

This is why I rarely talk about my decease or aches or pains or bad days to many people.  And why I share it here. So I can get it off my chest.  Thank You all for letting me and taking the time out of your lives to read it and for being a Get it-er!

Today is National Hugging Day (lets go hug someone, anyone)

Tomorrow is Celebration of life Day


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