What a Crock!

So I got a Crock pot for Christmas this year and I have gone a bit crazy with trying all sorts of recipes in it.  I have loved loved it so much. It’s a 6-quart capacity Countdown Digital Slow Cooker with a BONUS 16-ounce Little Dipper Warmer which is perfect for heating up dips.  Which is what I am going to do tonight when I have a couple of friends coming by later tonight. I have made half a dozen recipes so far and I will be posting those recipes soon.  Today is Hot Head Chili Day so tonight I want to make a chili recipe that I have been making in a regular stock pot.  I can’t wait to see how it is with the crock pot. I will hopefully post the recipe on Tuesday. So far I have made a chicken corn chowder, chicken enchilada soup, apple crisp, slow cooked chicken for tacos and chicken and stuffing.  The chicken comes out so freaking tender. The first time I used it there was this horrible metallic burning smell and it freaked me out. I kept going and checking it.  I found out its normal the first time or two you use it. By the 3rd time I didn’t smell anything but the yummy smell of chicken enchilada soup.


My Say So – So far this Crock pot as been a huge win for me and I foresee many more recipes ideas and meals being made in this thing.

Sign of the Day

Today is Hot Head Chili Day

Tomorrow is Thesaurus Day


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