Are you Sure?

Are you sure you have RA? It could be just that Fibro one that they give people. (I didn’t realize they gave those)

You can’t have arthritis, you’re too young. (what is the correct age? oh here’s your social security payments and don;t forget to get your arthritis on your way out)

Isn’t that what old people get? (Yes they do and so do kids and 20’s and 30’s …)

Oh it’s probably from you exercising too much.  (Umm Ya…Probably. Good thing I can’t do that like I used to anymore)

It’s not like you have a real decease. (nope I opted for one of those fake ones)

Well you still look good. (shoot I was hoping for looking Great.)

We all have aches and pains. (yup and you are one of mine)

You don’t look sick. (you don’t look stupid)

These are some of the comments and questions I have gotten since getting diagnosed with RA. I usually don’t tell people unless they ask me whats wrong or why am I limping etc.  Usually I leave it to my mom to announce it to people. I don’t care if people think I am weak or lazy or Always tired.  I know the truth and it doesn’t matter what they think. Anyways I have her to let them know for me.

Most people think arthritis is “old people’s arthritis” which is Osteo-Arthritis. And that only old people can get arthritis.

I used to get annoyed and try to blow it off.  Now I know that there is a misconception out there that people just don’t know enough.  I let them know the type I have is different and let it go from there. Some people’s minds get blown.  They honestly didn’t have a clue.  Some people just don’t get it and continue with their ignorance. Then out comes the sarcastic remarks that I can’t help.  Since sarcasm is my native tongue.

I no longer let RA confine me or define me.  I just try my best to live my life with it.  If you want to know about it I will share.  If not, no big deal.  I’ll just keep moving on!

Sign of the day Accurate

Today is Fetish day (oh and I have a weird one)

Tomorrow is Hot Head Chili Day (I will be making Chili)

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