Oh Happy Graze!

I came across a sub box that my son and I absolutely love.  We tried this one and he wants me to get him his own sub.  I told him we should try for a few times before just to make sure.  (I think I may need to get him his own box soon).

Graze  $7 a box free s/h weekly (or bi-weekly)

COUPON: Use this code to get your first box free! –   G9PHK3XZP

2014-12-15 12.56.35 (2)

The Products: 4 easily customizable healthy mini-snacks

2014-12-15 13.01.31

Each box comes with a card describing the products in the box and the nutritional value.

   2014-12-15 13.01.41

 I received my first box and I let them choose for me.

Key lime Pie – lime flavored raisins, vanilla cookie drops, mini meringues and green raisins

This were so good my son and I kinda fought over them.

Garden of England – mini strawberries, blackcurrants and soft apple pieces

I love dried types of fruit so this one was a hit for me

Tomato and Basil Pizza – mini tomato breadstick, basil crunchini and cheese flavored cashews

This one was savory and pretty good.  Bubby liked the chunchini and I loved the cashews (I mean LOVED)

Oven Roasted salt and vinegar Nuts – salt and vinegar almonds and peanuts

Neither one of could even get though this snack.  It was not for us, but that’s just us.

   2014-12-15 13.01.16

My Say So: Yummy.  I think I we will be giving this a try for a while.  I love the fact that I can choose if I like them or not and they won’t ever send that one again.  The only problem about this box is not being able to NOT eat it all at once. (they are small sizes so I think its ok 🙂 right?)

Graze COUPON: Use this code to get your first box free! –   G9PHK3XZP

Today is House Plant appreciation Day

Tomorrow is Learn your Name in Morse Code


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