Flick of the Wrist

It was 2009.  I was working at the corporate offices of a credit union. I sat at a desk 9 hrs a day, 5 days a week. One day I went to click my mouse and my wrist wouldn’t move.  I freaked out just a little.  It finally made a loud crack and I could move it again.  Now it had this constant dull ache. I thought Great, I hope I don’t have carpal tunnel, I don’t want surgery.  I shrugged it off with a flick of the wrist and suffered through the pain. One month later I had to ask for a wrist brace and ergonomical mouse for my office manager.  You don’t realize how bad you position your hands and wrists until its being corrected for you. Soon I had a new fancy keyboard and wrist lift and a squishy ball.  But it just kept getting worse.  Finally after almost a year I needed to got to DR.  Doctors that I did not like to go and see. I went through all sorts of tests to determine if it was damage to the wrist from over use and carpal tunnel.  ALL tests came back negative.  I then noticed these little growths on my fingers.  WTH! So my doctor ordered x-rays to see what they were.  The came back as little growths.  Oh good glad that’s settled.  With no ideas from the Drs I just dropped it.

When I went to hang out with family,  Gramma said sounds like you may have arthritis.  I chuckled a little.  What? How can that be possible?  A family friend that was there said that it may be Rheumatoid Arthritis.  It’s a different kind of arthritis that affects anyone, any age.  What?! She then explained to me the basics of what it was. Ok now I was begging for carpal tunnel and surgery to fix it.  My doctor ran some tests and my RA markers were off the chart. Time to refer me to a specialist and the next 4 years of trying to get it under control.  Lets hope this year goes quite a bit better. Fingers crossed.  Oh wait my fingers don’t like that. Legs crossed.  Is that a thing? Well it is now!

Today is National Static Electricity Day (try rubbing your feet on carpet and kissing a loved one, hee hee)

Tomorrow is House plant Appreciation Day


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