Other than that You’re Healthy

When I was first getting every test that I needed with my old Dr this is a summary of our final diagnosis.

Swelling – 0808-0710-2914-4646    Stiffness – 0808-0710-2914-4646    Pain – 0808-0710-2914-4646    Nodules – 0808-0710-2914-4646    Tenderness – 0808-0710-2914-4646    Loss of Strength  0808-0710-2914-4646

Lets run some tests.

  1. Rheumatoid Factor/RF (antibody found in RA suffers) # 0-13.9 = 249
  2. Anti-CCP/ anti-cyclic citrullinatel peptide (immune protein anti-body that if found 90% chance positive for RA # 25-54 = 49 moderate positive
  3. C-Reactive Protein/ CRP (high acute inflammation) # 0-4.9 = 6.3
  4. Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate/ESR/Westergren Sedimentation Rate (high rate of red blood cells fall to bottom usually means inflammation) – 0-32 = 30
  5. Anti-double-stranded DNA (test for auto-immune decease types of Lupus) 0-9 = 3
  6. ANA/Antinuclear Antibody (test for auto-immune decease types of lupus) – negative = positive abnormal
  7. TSH/Thyroid-stimulating Hormone (Diagnose a Thyroid disorder in a person with symptoms) 0-9 = 11
  8. Smith Antibodies () # 0.0-0.9 = 5.5


  1. Vitamin D – 30-100 = 28

So we have determined and diagnosed you with severe Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hypothyroidism, Lupus and OTHER THAN THAT YOU ARE HEALTHY.  Oh yay me. I don’t have a cold or flu!  Which actually is good since oh ya know my body doesn’t fight it off like it should. Well I have learned to take what I got and try the best I can to deal.  As I am repeatedly told by people…It could be worse.  (But it sure would be nice if it was better!)

Today is Bubble Bath Day (get you’re rubber ducky cause he makes it so much fun)

th (1)

Tomorrow is National Static Electricity Day


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