4 Letter Word

What is a four letter word to you? There are a few that may come straight to mind depending on your mood! Or a few bad ones if you have a dirty school aged boy mind like me. My four letter word nowadays is RING. I have never really been a big jewelry wearer, but I did love wearing rings. My rings matched my outfits and my moods (no mood rings in my arsenal though). NOT a single one of my rings fit me anymore.  Not even on good days. When I was married I had to stop wearing my ring on my finger.  He bought me a chain and I wore it on that all the time. When I would go out with friends I would always have to explain myself.  Why aren’t you wearing a ring, then?  Are you ashamed to be married? Why are you hiding it? That’s kinda deceitful, you know! And so on… It wasn’t a back up people. It’s not like I would only bring it out to ward off the creeps.  Seriously?  Does it matter were I wear it? I said not interested. Those people made me think of a few other 4 letter words…What a _ _ _ _ !

I miss wearing rings and I do have a couple that are big and sometimes fit.  Usually though I just say _ _ _ _ you fingers.  I’m gonna paint my toenails.

Today is Tempura Day 

Tomorrow is Bubble Bath Day (but alas I have no tub to bubble bath in)

Tomorrow is also Argyle Day (yay that I can do)


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