Travel in Comfort

Last year around this time my son’s grandparents bought us tickets to fly back to IL and visit for winter break. It was a wonderful gift. We stayed with them for 4 or so days. We left Cali in 60 degree weather and arrived in a snow storm.  We don’t have winter coats just thick jackets so luckily his Papa brought us some to wear. We both looked like the little brother from A Christmas Story. We met up with my dad for 1 day and saw a movie (that’s our thing Olive Garden and a movie).  We got to see all the aunts, uncles and cousins while we were there. Bubby got to play out in the snow (snow angels, snowball fights and even went snowmobiling). We do miss all our family out there but the cold and snow made it easy to want to come back. Even though the snow had tried to keep us there and we got snowed in for one day.

I have never had the urge to knit but I decided to give crochet a try.  I made a simple one row crocheted scarf to give to my mother-in-law for her Christmas present.

Maybe this year I will try to make a multi-row real cozy scarf for myself.  I will probably have it done around spring or so.  Here’s how to make the simple scarf. I simply made a really long strand, connected the 2 ends and looped them like an infinity scarf.

Today is Whipped Cream Day (put it one anyone anything).

Tomorrow is Cuddle up Day


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