Suck It RA

Today is the first day of my A-Z Suck It Rheumatoid Arthritis Sunday Series. AKA SIRA Sunday.  Every week I am going try and try something I either have never done or haven’t ever really tried to do.  Its part of my Sandcastle Bucket List.  Each week for the next 26 weeks from A-Z.  These week is A.  A is for ASL.  This week I am going to refresh my basic knowledge of sign language and try to broaden it.  I obviously won’t become fluent but at least I want to know the ins and outs. Hopefully I can come up with something for each letter.  I already have most letters figured out.  I don’t have anything for V, W, X, Y, Z. Any ideas?

Today is Trivia Day. (What is the dot over the letter “i” and “j” called?)

Tomorrow is Whipped Cream Day


2 thoughts on “Suck It RA

  1. This is a fantastic idea.I like your ideas for days of the week too, hubby and I used to do something similar before my 1 year flare! We should do it again. It was like Movie Monday, Taco Tuesday …my RA brain can’t remember the rest LOL. I might steel your idea, Suck It RA Saturday for me. Awesome! We still do Shameless Sunday with my family right now, so Sundays are taken hehehe. Just keep swimming!


    1. Thanks so much and I share my ideas so others can take inspiration. So go for it…btw shameless sundays sounds fun. Do tell. I have fallen back the last few weeks due to my worst flare ever and the infusion. But…after crawling up and pulling and grunting myself back up, I will be posting in the next day or two. So be forewarned!!


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