Morning After Pill

Let’s start the New Year by saying…I had a few good laughs and a drink or two. There are a few different morning after situations. One is waking up with a stranger in bed with you, not knowing how or what you did to get into this situation. Hopefully you don’t have a wedding ring on your finger (either cause you already are married or are now married). Another is the same as before but you had unprotected sex and need that little pill.  A fun one is when you go out with your friends, put a few back, and party and dance the night away. This one usually needs a ibuprofen the morning after. You feel like a mule kicked you in the stomach, a mariachi band is playing in your head and you are being sat on by a hippo.  But it was so worth it cause you had so much fun and vowed not to get “that” drunk again.

Now take away the friends, drinks, laughs ad fun.  Then take some methotrexate instead. This little pill had all the effects of the morning after but none of the perks of the night before.  Awesome right? Ya and the kicker if that wasn’t enough. You can’t drink while you’re on it.  But worry it makes you feel better…eventually!

I am still waiting on the eventually. Please hurry up.

Today is National Cream Puff Day 

Tomorrow is Festival of Sleep Day (a day dedicated to staying in bed, under the covers and watching tv Or just sleeping all day)


2 thoughts on “Morning After Pill

  1. Yep that little pill gives you a hang over from hell, even made me puke a few times 2 days after having taken my dose of six pills. They made me stop taking them a month ago, because I have a bald spot the size of a quarter, well its well over the size of a half dollar peice now. I am so worried about it getting any bigger than it already has. It has grown since I have stopped the pill. Rhumatologist said I could maybe go to a Dermatologist and have a steroid shot put into the bald spot an that might get my hair to grow back. I don’t know what I am going to do as of yet. They want me to try Embrel now which is a shot once a week, I am waiting on insurance and doctor to fight it out for approval. Good Luck I hope it works better for you.


    1. Thank you for the kind words. I completely understand your concern. The other day I had a wad of hair fall out in the sink. Freaked me out. Hopefully you can get to try the Embrel. It was great for me for awhile. I wish it still worked for me. If you do a little trick I learned ICE it good before hand. (to the point of frost bite lol ok maybe not that much). Keep me updated!

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