Out with the Bad, In with the Good



2014 has been a year of setbacks for me. I am not going to go into the brutal, fearful, sad, maddening, frustrating, straining, painful, tiring, scary, sickly, debilitating, emotional, depressing, tear-filled  Bad details of the negatives.  Instead I will let you know 5 good things that were in my life this year.

1) My son, Bubby. That in itself is Great but also the fact that we found a good place to live.  After a few budget friendly decor ideas it looks like a real home.

2) My Relationship.  I might not have a healthy physical life, but I do have a healthy relationship.  I can not say I have ever had one of those before. There isn’t such a thing as perfect (cause that would be so freaking annoying) but it is absolutley perfect for me.

3) My Mommy. (check out Momma Knows Best)

4)Medical Team.  I have found a group of Drs that for now seems to be working on getting me better.  Well better is a stretch, how about livable.

5) Wiggle Rheum. My outlet to help vent and organize my crazed life and thosew trapped thoughts that are cowding my mind.  Yay!

Do I have any New Years Resolutions?  No.  Do I have things that I want to accomplish that will help make my life happier and healthier? Hells Ya!

Same me but with a whole lotta New experiences.  I don’t believe in out with the old and in with the new.  Those old are what makes you …YOU. I keep all the Old stored away in the vault and try to be brave enough to let any New come my way.

Today is New Years Day

Tomorrow is National Cream Puff Day ( oh how I love cream puffs)

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