Mommy Knows Best

Happy New Years Eve!


My mom is my best friend.  No seriously she is.  I have always had people in my life I considered a best friend or a really good friend,  but when it comes down to it she’s it.  The one I always go to for any and all situations,  problems or news (good and bad). I don’t think there is a secret out there of mine that she doesn’t know.  She is my biggest advocate, support team, research assistant and partner. She allowed me and my son to move here when we needed to have some of our burdens eased.  I appreciate her every single day and thank her for being a part of my rock garden. My step dad?  Well all I can say is Thank you too. Any more than that and I would go on a rant for the rest of this entry.  But this is about my Mommy. She may not have all the correct answers (even though she may think so) mmm hmm, but together we work it out.

She is probably one of the most talented people I know.  She is good at so many trades – painting, drawing, photography, crafts, dogs training and grooming, and so much more.  She is Jane.

Right now I have to prepare to try to be there for her too.  She is going to be going to have 2 surgeries. She won’t be able to walk.  There are some days that I can barely walk, but to not being to walk at all is going to be a real challenge. I am going to do my best to take up the reins and be her rock. I love my mom.

So let’s raise a glass of Champagne. Here’s to a New happier Year, life, self and to your loved ones.

Stay Safe and Love and Well Wishes to all – CHEERS!

Today is National Champagne Day

Tomorrow is New Years Day. (Hoping you bring it in with those you love and care about)


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