2015 tweaks

I have changed up my blog a little for the New Year.  Every day is going to be assigned something different and special.  I will be putting in entries to correlate with each days category.

  1. Monday – Make It Monday –  Today will be dedicated to DIY, arts, crafts and how to’s.
  2. Tuesday – Tasty Tuesday –  Today will be dedicated to fun healthy recipes of my own mods and some of those that I have found along the way.
  3. Wednesday – What’s Going On Wednesday – Anything that is going on in my life.
  4. Thursday – Take 2 Thursday – Take 2 and call me in the morning.  All my rants, updates and lessons in RA.
  5. Friday – Fluke Friday – Could be Nothing or Anything
  6. Saturday – Say So Saturday – Why? Cause I say so! A day were I will be reviewing, accessing, scrutinizing, sizing up, rate or whatever you want to call it.  My personal experiences and opinions on things I come across and tried out.
  7. Sunday – SIRA Sunday – Suck It RA! Today will recap something that RA did not stop me from doing, trying, learning or achieving.

Hope you like what I have in store. I am pretty excited to see what I can do and share it here on my blog.


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