A Formal Fork

When I was a kid there were 3 rules at the dinner table. 1) NO elbows on the table.  This was a BIG deal to my dad. If you didn’t wanted your elbow to get up close and personal with his fork then you didn’t put them up there.  2) Eat all the food on your plate. You know cause there are starving kids in Africa. I once made the mistake of saying-well they can have all my roast and okra and brussel sprouts then.  That didn’t go as well as I had hoped. I have since learned to like brussel sprouts but okra…blech  3) No getting up until you got permission and you didn’t get permission until rule #2 was followed. Catch 22 there, ya.

My house doesn’t really follow those rules. All the food gets eaten since I have always had garbage disposal guys around and dinner is more of a hang out. Now that I am all Growed up I wanted to have a little more panache.

My mom’s dining room table is always set. Its like she is expecting at any moment 6 people to show up and have a formal dinner with her. It’s a gigantic, eye-catching, themed house decoration. It always looks nice however.  I don’t have a formal dining room table anymore.  We use our dining room as a family room and my son and I do eat dinner together 5 days a week. We opt for the living room while watching one of our favorite shows together on Hulu. Right now its Gotham and Flash.  I do have this tall bar like table in a little eating nook in my kitchen. I decided to set it with 3 settings and a centerpiece.  I am by No means fancy or formal so a nice semi-formal table would do us just fine. So I set out to learn a good way to do it. Could I asked my mom? Yes. I just want to do it a little more Shiy like.  My simple casual formal table.

What I used,


Dinner plate

Coffee cup

Wine glass

Water cup

Dinner and Salad Forks

Soup and Dessert Spoons

Butter Knife

Place mat and Napkin

I put it all together and Viola!

2014-12-20 18.11.05

For me its quaint and simple yet still festive and lovely.

2014-12-20 11.14.41

Yes this one is my mom’s and it looks amazing, but for my son and me ours just works.

My battle cry SiRA!   (Suck It RA!)

Today is Crossword Puzzle day. I did one and have 4 left-Resolver of religious questions 4 letters _ _ a _

Tomorrow is Date Nut Bread Day

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