Light it up

Today is a perfect day for making a nice hot cup of hot chocolate to go with your cup of hot chocolate candle. Its kinda chilly these last few days and rainy so I decided to make some candles. I had gone to the Dollar Tree and 99 cent stores and gotten a few different coffee mugs for the holidays and Micheals has a 50% off sale on mugs  so I got a couple from there too.  This is the easiest candle making ever.  And you don’t have to have any wax.  What?!!! You say.  YUP. Here it goes.

Tub of Crisco

Glass measuring cup

Various Mugs or ceramic bowls

Wicks2014-12-14 11.48.31

Super adhesive Glue such as E60002014-12-16 10.29.36

Fragrance oils or scented wax tarts2014-12-16 10.29.55


First, you need to glue your wicks to the bottom of your mug. Center them and let them set at least hour until dry. I used tape to keep the wicks from falling over.

2014-12-16 11.37.22       Second,  Fill your glass measuring cup with shortening and add your crayon.  For the hot chocolate I used one brown crayon and half a black crayon. Melt in microwave about 1 to 2 minutes, stir to finish dissolving crayon.  You can now add fragrance oil or as I did add a brick or 2 or the wax melts If you add melts you’ll need to heat another 30 seconds or so. Stir

2014-12-16 11.39.53

Pour carefully into mugs.  If you are going to decorate top of candle you want to leave enough room for toppings.  Let candles dry a few hours before decorating.

Here are a few of my finished drinks er candles

Hot Apple Cider.  (I used a reddish-brown crayon,a cinnamon wax cube and apple wax cube. I filled to top and added a 2″ cinnamon stick)

2014-12-17 15.46.36Hot Cocoa. (Brown crayon and half black, vanilla wax melt.  I filled 3/4 up then added globs of shortening, topped with crushed candy cane, cocoa powder and I stuck a small candy cane in.) Some people like to use slightly melted soy wax for the whipped cream.  I used what I had. It turned out good to me.

2014-12-17 15.48.06Cinnamon Spice Hot Cocoa. ( A brown crayon, Half red crayon and half black, vanilla wax melt and cinnamon wax melt. Filled 3/4 way and globbed on shortening.  I then sprinkled on ground cinnamon.)

2014-12-17 15.46.55

Now I don’t know if I want to light them, use them as decorations or give them as gifts!

Today is Look for an Evergreen Day – (sorry this year I went fake. Its kinda hard to find evergreens in Cali)

Tomorrow is a plethora of choices –  Games Day, Sangria Day and Go Caroling Day

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