Coffee and Rice Crispy Treats

So this is how RA sometimes feels. Some days my shoulder is a coffee grinder. Let me grind some coffee beans for you. While it gets hot and bubbly and starts to percolate.  If only I liked coffee I’d be all set every morning. Sometimes I have a treat with my coffee.  My wrists make great rice crispy treats. They snap, crackle and pop and stick in one place like marshmallow fluff.  I usually serve these to the sumo wrestlers that come by to sit on my knees and hips. After they are done bouncing and rolling around twisting and yanking.  If only I had a cool reason for my hands to feel this way.  Like I could be the Wolverette (Wolverine’s long-lost cousin).  Blades extending from my knuckles would make it so much easier to deal since I would be a super hero and all.

(Since I missed writing a recipe this week I will leave you with a link to some real rice crispy treats)

Today is Answer Phone Like Buddy the Elf (which I did to my son. He was like purple. I said since when and he said I don’t know I wasn’t expecting you to ask me that when you answered.)

Tomorrow is Look For an Evergreen Day

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