Pain the the Leg

I went almost a year before admitting I needed something stronger than Advil or Tylenol.   When I 1st started a regimen for my RA it was an injectable. They started me on Humira.  It’s a bi-weekly shot with a syringe. The 1st time I had to give myself the shot I never had the proper stab yourself with sharp objects lesson.  My son wanted to be there to support me and for his slight morbid curiosity,  I had in the past given my sister a shot for her diabetes, so I figured What no biggie. Easie peasie, right?  Wrong! I counted 1.2.3 and stabbed like the diagram showed. My 1st reaction? Pull it out! And guess what? I did. I said, “Are you freaking kidding me?”  My son asked sympathetically, “What?” I sighed and whined calmly replied , “Now I have to do it again.”  He then began to laugh. I looked at him and said, “maybe I should practice 1st.  On your Butt!”  That shut him up pretty quick. I had a Huge bruise from that 1st shot.  And every shot since. Humira worked for a while but started to wear off after 9 days.  They then switched me to Enbrel.  A weekly shot.  A I was introduced to the sure-click. It was a pen like device that I just pushed a button and it did the work for me.  Seriously it took them 6 mo to suggest this.  I took this for over a year and it worked pretty good.  I started swimming again and even added some light exercise back. That is until it too started wearing off after 3 days.  And I started a steroid regimen of Prednisone.  3 months later my Rheumy told me my joints were still too inflamed.  And Rituxan was suggested. AN infusion every 4-6 months.  I researched it throughly (as it’s what I do).  It made my very nervous I mean it is a scary drug.  In the end I decided to give it a try on 9-8-2014. I had to stop my shots 3 weeks before the infusion.  My appointment  wasn’t for 4 weeks.  The worst 4 weeks of pain yet.  I lived on ibuprofen (IB) and by weeks 3 my prednisone tic tacs were being popped. I was told it would take 2 months to kick in.  As of 12-2-2014 at my last Dr appt it hadn’t.  My left shoulder had gotten so bad I couldn’t even lift it,  He gave me a sot in the arm and it started to feel good about 3 days later.  Since then I haven’t taken anything not even IB. That is until today. 😦 My shoulders and the gang came back for a full on rager.  Well at least I got 11 days of of drugless days. They weren’t painless but at least I wasn’t popping 12 pills either. Ah C’est la vie.

Tomorrow is National Ugly Sweater Day AND Poinsettia day.  So get your ugliest sweater out to wear, preferably the one with a picture of a poinsettia on it.


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