16 Years ago I had the most wonderful life changing event.  When I was in high school all my girlfriends wanted to have kids. I thought obviously I do too.  That’s what all girls want.  The fairy tale wedding, the knight in shining armor to whisk you away, the 3 bedroom house with 2.5 kids and a dog and a white picket fence.  2.5 kids? I would silently think so does the neighborhood get together and have a judgement of solomon. It wasn’t until I was out of highschool that I realized I really don’t have the desire for any of those things. Then I met a man when I was 21 who led me to believe that he was sterile. A year and a half later I had a serious decision to make. One was one I didn’t want and the other was one I couldn’t do.  It wasn’t until the day I had my son that I realized I was meant to have this perfect cute extension of me. Even til today he is my soul, my reason for breathing, my one true love. I have been asked many times when I was going to have more kids and I have always been adamant, Never. I look at it this was I did it right the first time and I am selfish and don’t want to love any other kids like I love him. Oh you will love all your kids the same once you have them. But I don’t want to and I don’t want any more KIDS.

So back to my perfect sweet oops.  Bubby is the sweetest kid.  He has always been a momma’s boy and still is at 16. He always tries to help put and do his best. Ever since I got RA he has been my rock. I try not to put more on him then a teenage boy can handle.  I still try to be a self sufficient as possible. But he is always looking out for me.  Reprimanding me for using my teeth to open things and struggling when he is standing right there to help. He even helped me the first time I had to take a shot and wanted to be there for most all the shots after. I think partly because he might have thought it funny to inflict pain on myself.  A little justice for taking his xbox away when he wasn’t being a great kid.  I guess what I am trying to say is You never get more than you can handle.  Sometimes what you thought you wanted isn’t what you need. And what I needed to get though this roller coaster of life was the love and caring of a handsome baby boy (who has grown up into a handsome loving teenager).

Tomorrow is International Mountain Day – My son and I just might take one of our bonding drive up the mountain days.


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