Sandcastle Bucket List

If I knew 10 years ago that I would get a debilitating decease in my 30’s would I have done things different or done more with my life?  Short answer Yes. That being said I have done a lot in my years but I thought I would still be young and capable to do the things that my body now has trouble doing. I wrote a bucket list of sorts a few years ago after a death in my life. I started doing some of them and have a bunch marked off.  I thought crap I won’t be able to do half the things on my list now. I sat down and said screw this. I am going to write a revised list.               If my first one was the ‘climb a mountain’ type of list it would be called my 5 Gallon Paint Bucket List.08W18N_1

Then this list would be called my Sandcastle Bucket List.  th

For now this list is more doable. I will however try my hardest to accomplish even the things that I may not be able to do now on the other list. Maybe yes maybe one day. This past week until the end of the year I am going to do some off the Sandcastle Bucket List and posting about them on Sundays. I’m going to call it my Suck it RA Sunday (SIRA Sunday). This week is did some DIY holiday decorations.  I found a few glass bowls from the $.99 store and made a cute snowman candle holder.

2 glass bowls each one of different size2014-12-04 11.28.05

Equal parts Elmers glue and distilled water 2014-12-04 11.30.22 (or mod podge)

paint brush (I used sponge applicator) 2014-12-04 11.27.01

Epsom salt 2014-12-04 11.26.38

white glitter 2014-12-04 11.36.25 (can use food coloring to if you want it to be colored salt)

tea light (I also used some filler glass beads)2014-12-04 11.26.33

Hairspray (or vanish)

Start by removing any labels on jars

Brush the outside of the jar with glue mixture.. You need a thick layer to allow the crystals to stick.glue

Pour some salts onto a plate and sprinkle a little glitter or food coloring and mix.

Sprinkle the salts onto the jar or Roll the jar into the Epsom Salts until it is well coated.salt

Stand and repeat with second bowl. Then allow to dry.

Finish it off with a coat of hair spray or Varnish to help prevent the crystals from popping off.

Add some decorative glass bead to larger bowl and a candle to the smaller bowl.

Stack the bowls on top of each other and wrap a ribbon to match your holiday decor around the middle and you are finished. 2014-12-08 18.34.41 You can add eyes, carrot nose or any other ideas that may come into your mind

You can also try this with a wine glass using the same techniques and add a tea light inside glass.2014-12-04 11.54.10

Tomorrow is Brownie Day – How about chocolate chip brownie with cheesecake topping? 


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