Not Yo Gramma’s Arthritis

What is RA? Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic, systemic inflammatory disorder that primarily affects joints. It may result in deformed and painful joints, which can lead to loss of functioning. The disease may also have signs and symptoms in organs other than joints.  It is symmetrical meaning on both sides of the body (both hands, both feet, both wrists, or both knees). This is what makes rheumatoid arthritis different from other types of arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is 2-3 x’s more common in women than in men, but men seem to have more severe symptoms. (or maybe we can handle pain better…hmmm) There is no known reason for RA. There isn’t any rhyme or reason behind it. I’ve been told its genetic (well I am the only one in at least 5 generations in my family to have it), caused by smoking (I have never been a smoker) or by environment (I have lived east coast, mid west and west coast with it so guess I should move to FL next).  There is no cure for it just a bunch of meds to mess up other parts of your body to try to help your quality of life be a less swollen. The types of meds will have to be anxiously awaited for another day.

It is considered an invisible decease. Most of the time you can’t see the pain and discomfort until the bones start to get all twisted. Most of the time when someone mentions arthritis its osteo.  Osteo-arthritis is the kind that is referred to as old age arthritis. You know yo gramma’s arthritis. RA is not from old age, over use of joints, sports injures or weather change. Though it would be nice to accurately predict the weather. I definitely don’t demean any other types of arthritis.  They all hurt and totally suck.  But next time you hear someone say they have RA try not to say oh ya I think I have that in my knee or Really? My gramma has that too. Cause they might just enjoy the pain from using their hand to bop you in the nose (since that is exactly what they are thinking).

National Cookie Day- Me want cookies!


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