Black Friday Redux

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  I went to my mom’s with my son and had a pretty good holiday.  Even though my mom is vegan and a lot of the food was vegan we still had a turkey. We almost didn’t though.  The turkey was not cooperating.  I think it thought that because my mom is vegan she would spare it.  Yes my mom knows how to cook non-vegan foods still.  My step dad is a card-carrying meativore. Loves him some steak and potatoes.

So Friday was Black Friday and I really thought I was just going to stay home and avoid the madness. My first time going shopping on Black Friday …


Time- 3:00am

Duration-3 hours outside and 1 hour inside waiting in lines


Gift-the oh so needed most important xbox 360 kinect to play oh so cool interactive games

Location- Upstate NY.  And its full on winter the end of November in NY

It was 34 degrees, snowy and we were about 250 people into the line.  Target was nice enough to supply us with little styrofoam cups of hot chocolate and a luna bar.

I said no gift is worth this self-inflicted form of torture, and I wouldn’t be doing it again any time soon.  Enter this year and the much-anticipated, much-needed Xbox One.

So I told my kid I would not be doing the black friday thing and there was nothing he could do to convince to get up ass crack early and stand outside.


Time- 11:00am

Duration-5 minutes outside parking car and 20 minutes inside waiting in lines


Gift-the oh so needed most important Xbox One

Location- Southern CA (I guess I can deal with 89 degrees)

So a little difference but I still won’t do the 3 am thing ever again.


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