Streetlights vs Cellphones

National Stuffing Day – In the bird or not in the bird? That is the question. I don’t really like in the bird stuffing.  I just myself a nice box of stuffing from this coming holiday. I then add some of my own touches to it. That’s how i do

You know when you were a kid you had your own way of knowing when it was time to “come inside”?  Back in my day…growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, winters were brutal.  The wind and windchill were deadly. The snow and cold were inevitable sometimes as early as October. But when you’re a kid you still want to play outside with your friends. How did we know when it was time to come in?  You know without being in the age of cellphones? Streetlights! Yes streetlights. When it started getting dark they would pop on and you knew you had ten minutes to book home before it was dark.

Summers were a bit different though.  Since it got dark later in the evening and sometimes we had to be home before the streetlights. Enter my Dad. He had this whistle that alerted the entire neighborhood it was time to come in or it was dinner time. A lot of kids’ parents started setting their schedule to ours. So if my dad whistled it was time to go. “Come and get it!” No , “Oh my phone died!” excuse for us.


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