The Crapper

National Book Awareness Week-I love reading mostly kinda horror fantasy, but a little mystery too. Right now i am reading a few titles on Wattpad. A great site to discover little gems that aren’t in stores.

I always thought the crapper was a funny and crude word for the bathroom. But now that’s exactly what it is to me. Not because i finally started taking craps in there (cause according to my BF i don’t do that ever), but because its the room i feel the most like crap. Sitting on toilet to go pee since as i mentioned earlier i don’t go #2, standing up from toilet, brushing teeth, pulling hair into ponytail, putting on my pants, pulling shirt over head, flushing toilet, turning faucet on and off, and the worst…Getting in and out of my tub. I have this tall old claw foot tub that is in itself a piece of crap. Lifting my legs to get in and out of it is a chore all by itself. Its like a mini workout. Knee lift-Pull UP-Knee lift-Arm raises then Knee lift-Step-Pivot-Knee lift-Squat. I just need to add some crunches and i am good to go.


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