Who who me?

So I had to go to the eye Dr yesterday. I haven’t had an eye exam in about 10 years since I had Lasik surgery done. So the nurse asks me to read these letters that i swear were little ants doing a cheer routine, So this was our conversation.

Nurse:Have you ever had surgery on your eyes?

Me: I had lasik about ten years ago you know the laser kind.  (yes i actually said you know the laser kind)

Nurse: oh ok have you had any lasers work done to your eyes?

Me: (looking perplexed) Um other than the LASER SURGERY i just mentioned? (6 freakin seconds ago)

Nurse: oh ya besides that.  Do you have any problems with your eyes?

Me: no but I do have pretty sensitive eyes and they are dry all the time.

Nurse: Ok so are you here just for an eye exam?

Me: No, My rheumatologist said i need to get my retinas checked as a precaution to the Plaquinil I am taking.

Nurse: So are you having your cataracts removed? (what?)

Me: Huh? Do I have cataracts?

Nurse: I don’t know. The doctor will have to check for you.

She then did a vision test and a color blindness test (yay I passed with flying COLRS!) I then waited for Dr Eye Guy (who happens to be a good looking, 25 year old, 6’5″ Asian guy who could be a basketball player if this eye thing doesn’t pan out for him) He gave me my eye exam. He told me to look straight and keep both eyes wide open. After he told me to open my eyes the third time I said that this was open for me.  Afterwards he let me know I had good eyes but they are very sensitive and dry, (hmm really?) “So, no cataracts, then?”  “No, your eyes look good.”

I then went on my way.  When my BF saw me he was like wow you have owl eyes and I simply replied, “Who me?”

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